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Philip Mueller

William and Anna Hipke Koehring


The "Spirits" of Koehring's Grand Central House

     Hello.  We have received a great deal of feedback from customers, friends and inquisitive individuals since the paranormal investigators conducted their investigation last fall.  Some people think the results are amazing, some think it's a bunch of baloney and most people are pondering the possibilities.  I just wanted to clarify some of the questions people have had to add a more realistic outlook to the investigation.
     First of all, we DID NOT contact the paranormal team....they contacted us.  They didn't charge any fees...they never do so as to maintain the integrity of the investigation.  All the costs associated with investigations come out of their own pockets.  Obviously, they aren't in it for the money.
     Did we have the investigation done for the publicity?  NO, not at all.  I and many other people had been experiencing some pretty wierd things here after we started the restoration and we all wanted to know if we were looney tunes or if something really was here that could be documented to ease our minds and resolve our sanity questioning. 
      Is the video real?  As far as we can determine, yup it is.  I know we didn't dub the voices in (I wouldn't know how to do it anyway).  I sincerely doubt the investigators did either.  What pupose would it have served?  They don't make any money off of it.  They do it because they are truly interested in history and the paranormal.  
     Many of the voices on the video are very hard to hear.  Most can't be heard without earphones (you really do need to use earphones).  Only a few are audible to the human ear.  The first time we listened to the video, it was a little bit scary for us to learn that others were here with us....others we couldn't see!  But after listening to it more and more, it became somewhat comforting to know that people who came before, who worked, ate, slept, played here, loved the place as we do were still here to watch over it all.  It was also good to be able to put a name to some of the people who have stayed from the past. 
     So is it real?  If you had asked me a year ago, I would have said no.  But today, I have to admit I was wrong.  Yes, it's real.  The video is real.  The voices are real.  The different experiences people have had here were real. (Including:  hearing voices whispering (conversations even), doors closing on their own, lights turning on and off by themselves, beads and chimes swinging on their own, garbage pail rocking on it's own, wine glass flying off the back bar, TV on and off by itself, hair pulled (Mine!), lots and lots of footsteps and more things that I have probably forgotten about.
     This is an old place and many, many lives have come and gone from here.  There have been many happy times, sad times and even tragic times.  Some of the old times and old timers have stayed I guess.  To each his own but I have become a believer....didn't want to, but when it hits you over the head like it did, yup....I believe.    Connie and Fred